Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Ten Rock Fiction Books of all Time

By Helene Susan Gottfried

Top Ten Rock Fiction Books of all Time

1. KL Going -- Fat Kid Rules the World

This Printz-winning book is every bit about alienation as much as it is about the way in which the punk subculture has room for everyone, especially the misfits. Truly my favorite book of all time, excepting my own.

2. Jeremy Wagner -- The Armageddon Chord

The guitarist for metal bands Lupara and Broken Hope, Wagner knows what it means to live the Rock Fiction way of life. The premise here is fresh, creative, and unparalleled.

3. David Hiltbrand -- Deader than Disco

This sophomore entry into a short-lived and mostly overlooked trilogy proves that Rock Fiction as a genre has room for the pop star. Angel lives and breathes, and she's only one of this book's strengths.

4. Don Bruns' Mick Sever series

Yep, an entire series. Not one will let you down. Mick Sever's on the case, and the mysteries always take place in beautiful, Caribbean locations. Just in case the music's not enough, which it is.

5. Mark Childress -- Tender

Okay, it's nothing more than a fictional retelling of the Elvis story. It's still a book by Mark Childress, and that's saying a lot. The man is a master. 

6. Rachel Cohn and David Levithan -- Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist

Skip the movie and read the book. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist isn't just about running around New York one night. It's about being in love with music, with life, with the possibilities that lie all around us. 

7. Michael Shilling -- Rock Bottom

One for the more literary among us, Rock Bottom tells the story of a band who've hit bottom and are trying to pull it together. The characters are very real and their adventures evoke great sympathy from the reader. So much for sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

8. RJ McDonnell's Rock and Roll Detective series

This fun series' strength comes from the cast of characters, who are as colorful as any cast in fiction. That's saying a lot. PI Jason Duffy leads an endearing crew on a series of capers that are innovative in the genre.

9. Michael Scott Miller -- Ladies and Gentlemen... the Redeemers

What happens when you're down on your luck and you want to make a comeback? You struggle. The Redeemers are more rag-tag than the Bad News Bears ever were. This book portrays people many think of as losers, but imbues them with great dignity and depth.

10. Susan Helene Gottfried --  The Trevolution series

What? You thought I could list ten great Rock Fiction books and not include my own? And where's the props for putting them last instead of first?

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