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If this book had to be made into a big screen movie, I would be running faster than the person next to me to get myself front row tickets for the show. I’m not a fan of science fiction, but having read the first book in this series by the same author, a little over a month ago, I didn’t hesitate to jump right in and tear through “NorthWest” page after adrenaline-spiking page. Once again, JH Glaze did not disappoint. I thought ‘The Spirit Box” was a high-wire suspense read that glued me to the edge of my seat, but “NorthWest” just blew me away!

In the previous John Hazard novel I had difficulty in deciding whether I liked his character or not, as he was a bit rough around the edges. In this book however, John’s character has matured into one I now like considerably more. The transitioning from small town detective to big city PI (Paranormal Investigator) in-training, was skillfully done and a believable explanation was given for his fresh start - one that made complete sense.

The story is made up of a colorful and diverse array of characters, which makes it very entertaining. The first half of the book is spent detailing the characters personalities and giving the reader more insight into their lives and backgrounds. It is done in such a fashion as to by the time the real action starts in the second half of the book, you’re well acquainted with the characters before they meet their inevitable demise - and the suspense just kills you by then, because you know some of the characters are going to die a horrible death, but which ones? That’s when you realize how cleverly the author cornered you into the recurring, yet unavoidable “oh shit” factor.

The first chapter of “NorthWest” serves as an introduction of things to come. And boy is the reader in for quite the ride. While reading the rest of the chapters and getting to know and like the characters, I tried, and failed miserably, not to feel too close to them as the author regularly hints at the horrors to come. This technique builds up and prolongs the suspense and served as a reminder to why I’m so addicted to JH’s writing. He trusts his own intelligent writing as well as the astuteness of his readers, to put two and two together, without the necessity of having to spoon-feed the obvious to them. And just when you think you have it all figured out, he surprises you with yet another shocking twist and a moral dilemma or two!

The subtle, but dark humor scattered throughout the book, is another reason why I love reading this author’s books. You know you’re going to laugh-out-loud somewhere in the book, whether you want to or not, because it catches you off guard and leaves you amazed at how much it adds to the dreadfulness of the situations the characters find themselves in, but also how fittingly true some of it is to our everyday existence.

Overall, “NorthWest” is an impressive, stylishly written novel, which will satisfy many a reader’s taste. Whether you’re a science fiction or horror fan, you’re in for a treat. The author doesn’t mince his words and has no qualms about plunging the reader head first into the deep end of the fear-pool. The monsters in this book are shockingly frightening and will have you think twice before going on that next camping trip into the woods.

“NorthWest” can be read as a stand-alone novel, but because it follows the adventures of John Hazard, I’d strongly advise you to read “The Spirit Box” first and then immediately follow it up with “NorthWest”, so as to fully experience and appreciate the innovative and masterful writing of JH Glaze.

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