Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Two Authors Jumpstarted My Career

By: Candy Ann Little

 I was 15 when I first read Come Love a Stranger, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. This book sparked my love for historical romance. I loved the suspense that she weaved into the plot. The characters were so vivid I thought they were real. She wrote the historical elements so descriptively that I felt transported into the past. Her words and sentences were beautiful and poetic. Although, I have to admit that I sometimes didn’t know or understand some of the big words.
I used to read for hours, racing through her books, anticipation building with each page as I tried to figure out how the story would end. Then, when I finally finished, disappointment washed over me because now I was done. I’d reached the end and had no more to read. I’d read another book, but it was never the same feeling. Over the years I have read many romances by different authors but no other author had that magical power that Ms. Woodiwiss held over me. 
After I got married and had kids, I’d stopped reading. I just didn’t have the time anymore. Then, one day my sister-in-law brought me 2 Silhouette books. The one titled A Wedding For Maggie, by Allison Leigh, caught my attention. I’m always a sucker for a wedding. My kids were 7 & 4 so I decided to try and read it. Amazingly enough I got through the book in 3 days. I was excited to see that I could make time for my long forgotten, but favorite hobby.
A Wedding For Maggie was the third book in a series, so I promptly ordered the first 2 and anxiously waited for the last 2 to come out. Although I loved all 5 books by this author, Maggie’s story touched me personally.
In the book Maggie had suffered a miscarriage, and now, was dealing with a complicated pregnancy. I understood the panic that she felt as I’d had a miscarriage four years earlier. And, at the time, I was in the second year of grieving for my stillborn daughter. Reading her thoughts fears mirrored my own.
I felt such a personal connection to this book, I decided to write my own story. I’d been devouring books for months as I felt starved from the years of no reading. So, I started noticing sentence structure, dialogue, and character development as I read. Soon I drafted my outline, named my characters and sat down to type out the conversations in my head. Two years later I had my first romance, Unforgiving Ghosts deals with my real life tragedy but in a fictional account. 
After that I decided to try my hand with an historical, since that is my first love. Although, I’m very happy with The Unwilling Bride, my writing falls way short of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.
These two authors, each in a different way, not only stirred my imagination and started me on my path to writing, but also helped heal my heart.
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