Wednesday, July 11, 2012

QBR Fans Show Off Their Bookshelves

The ereader may be in the hands of increasing numbers of readers, but from what I've heard many will continue to read physical books as well. And, book lovers are still proud of their bookshelves. Here some of our fans share pictures of their bookshelves.

Elysa (Ohio)

Melissa (Iowa)

Lori (Fort Wayne, IN)

Misty (Birmingham, UK)

Valerie (Columbus, OH)
                      Ashley (Lurvay, VA)

Dawn (Penhold AB Canada)

Dawn (Penhold AB Canada)

Alison (Clermont, FL)
YK (Milledgeville, GA)

Kat (S. Pasadena, CA)

Tina (Flint, MI)

Annmarie (Essex, UK)

Tima 1 (Cookville, TN)

Tima 1 (Cookville, TN) 

Want to see a video of Tima's beautiful bookshelves. Click here to go to here site: TIMA'S BOOKSHELF


  1. These are great and put my shelf to shame! (I'm currently getting rid of books as I am converting to an e-book library. I'm only keeping my favorites.)

  2. Dear Tima, I am suffering from bookshelf envy!!!! Do you have a self help guide somewhere in there for that??? Lol.

  3. What fun! Thanks for showcasing our love. =)

  4. Oh wow...GREAT pics! I'm jealous of some of those bigger rooms full of shelves!!

  5. Hey... I love that room of Tima... :D that's really a place to hang out at... and I like Annmarie's bedroom too.. :) that would be a perfect place for a comfy sleep... My bookshelves are beside my bed too... :)