Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 Reads by Heather

1 The Conduit by Stacey Rourke, book 1 in the Gryphon series. This book was so good that both my 17 year old twins are bugging me for the next one. Three siblings go to live with their very Spunky "GRAMS", soon strange things start happening and they start exhibiting special abilities. A pact was made long ago that will affect, not only who they are, but what they are. Wonderful characters and story. It has magic, angels, shapeshifters, a Gryphon romance, etc.

2 Crimson Shadow: Noir by Nathan Squiers. This is not a book about sparkly, deer eating vampires. These are hardcore, eat your baby vampires. Xander is an angst filled teen vampire who has a mentor and a bad attitude. He is also a vampire that you will be rooting for. He deals out vengeance when needed and is a super bada** when all is said and done. This book reminds you of why you were scared of vampires as a child.

3 Project Ele by Rebecca Gober A whole new twist on dystopian society. A virus kills most of the people on earth, the remainder must go to a government shelter if they are lucky enough not to be infected. A group of teens become fast friends in there. The rich still rule the roost and all is not as it seems. The friends begin to exhibit strange and scary powers and they may not be alone. I loved the originality, the characters and the whole story.

4 IT by Stephen King A supernatural child killer vs a group of misfit kids. Pennywise the creepy clown & IT. The kids will fight the evil & win, or so they think. Flash forward to the kids all grown up. They have to come back because the killings have started again and  they are the only ones who know how to stop it. It's Stephen King and an uber scary clown, need I say more?

5 Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling The entire series. Full of magic, unlimited imagination, tolerance, and wonderfully fantastic characters and plots. My favorite book series of all time.

6 Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan the entire series & spinoffs. Teens, greek mythology and lots of action. I was never much interested in mythology until I read this series. It is so good that it got my non reading husband addicted to reading.

7 Watchers by Dean Koontz What happens when animal rights activists break into government run, gene splicing research lab to free the animals? Well, what they let loose is a super intelligent, wonderful dog and the OTHER, which hates the dog and wants to kill it and anyone it comes in contact with. Such a good book, if you haven't read it, go get it now or you are missing out on one of the great ones!

8 The Stand by Stephen King Aaaahhh, the original Dystopian/apocolyptic masterpiece from the master of horror. The super flu with a paranormal twist. The good survivors vs the evil survivors and spies from each side mixed in. Characters you will fall in love with. This is a huge book, but you won't even notice and will be so sorry when it’s over.

9 Naked in Death by J.D. Robb set in the future where pop comes in tubes, food comes from a computer in the wall, and the gadgets and gizmos are mag. Detective Eve Dallas has had a hard life which turned her into a hardass. If you break the law on her turf, she will find you. She doesn't have many friends but the ones she has, she is totally devoted to, in her own way. Wait til you meet rich, Irish, criminal Rourke, wowza! The In Death series is awesome and delivers every time.

10 Rules of Prey by John Sandford A serial killer with a set of rules that he leaves on his victims. Lucas Davenport, a rich detective with his own set of rules. The killer is going to find out the hard way about those rules and definitely gets more than he bargained for. This whole mystery series is great. You get to know Lucas and the other cops and get to watch them grow in their personal lives as well as their careers. You are going to love Lucas!!!

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  1. I can't even begin to tell you how touched and honored I am to be in this list with such a phenomenal cast of authors and such epic works!

    Thank you so much for reading and I hope to continue to entertain you and others for many years to come!!

    Many thanks and much love,
    Nathan Squiers
    (The Literary Dark Prince)

  2. I hope that people will check out Nathan Squiers, Stacey Rourke and Project Ele. I do apologize because for Project Ele, I forgot to list the second author, it was written by Courtney Nuckels and Rebecca Gober. These three books are fantastic and should be read immediately if not sooner. :)

  3. Wow! We are so honored to have Project ELE on your list. Thank you Heather! <3
    ~Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels