Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pride & Prejudice & Popularity

Elizabeth Ann West
Fitzwilliam Darcy . . . the original billionaire romance hero.

For years, I hid my obsession with Pride and Prejudice variations. Or fan fiction, as some call it. After all, while it's perfectly impressive to talk about being a fan of Jane Austen's works and makes a reader sound very classicly read, it's quite another to confess to hours of fantasizing about Mr. Darcy as a vampire, Elizabeth Bennet as a vigilante, or both of them hiding from bandits! But I did. Every weekend my Darcy habit had me one-clicking every new Jane Austen Fan Fiction that published on Amazon.

And then one weekend, there wasn't anything new. I couldn't HAVE my Darcy fix. And I tried to read my old ones, but I did that often enough during the week that I couldn't get that delicious moment of suspended disbelief and then sweet, heart-racing Regency era romance. So I wrote one. What if Mr. Darcy fell off his horse on his way to Netherfield Park for the assembly?

And now, with a dozen titles out and more on the way, I am part of a multi-million dollar industry that is all things Jane Austen. I get emails from Austen fans around the world! Australia . . . France . . . Brazil . . . sometimes not even in English, thank goodness for Google Translate.

For 200+ years, Jane Austen's stories have captivated the world, and every new generation finds a way to fall in love all over again . . . with Mr. Darcy. Of course, I told everyone I knew who was a great writer that the JAFF world needed more stories and oh boy have they answered the call! Now we have more minor character stories, more Darcy and Elizabeth stories, novellas, novels, series, audio books galore . . . and we put them all under the author profile “A Lady” on Amazon. While there are more regency titles, which are set in the same time and place as the original, many readers will be happy to know more contemporary titles are in the pipelines as well. Below you can see some examples of both contemporary and regency books.

So channel your inner lady who would love to attend a ball in the finest gown and give Jane Austen Fan Fiction a try. Once you go Darcy, you never go back.

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